Three years of success results in prestigious supplier award

For Hickory Farms, which specializes in gourmet gift and food baskets, handing out a Platinum Supplier Award was a brand-new experience. Only suppliers with three consecutive Gold ratings qualify for the prestigious award. Great Northern StrataGraph® was the single supplier that met those high expectations.

“We’ve never had a supplier display this level of excellence before, so we’ve never given out this award until now,” stated Ty Hanline, VP of Hickory Farms Supply Chain.

Great Northern and Great Northern StrataGraph are major providers of Hickory Farms’ packaging and display materials, with a 98 percent on-time delivery rate over a three-year span. During this time, Great Northern earned consecutive annual Gold ratings, given only to suppliers that exemplify the high performance, culture,
quality, operational excellence and proactive improvement for the long term focus that Hickory Farms expects from its partners.

An example of how Great Northern StrataGraph takes care of its customers is the recent cost savings initiative they presented to Hickory Farms. By changing the current base sheet material, Great Northern StrataGraph was able to ensure runability and improved ergonomics for the workers on the line. These cost savings affected seven different base sizes and 22 different lid combinations.

Hickory Farms also asked Great Northern StrataGraph to develop a better solution for the current belly band in-line taping process that they had been using. Great Northern StrataGraph added a high tack tape “in-line” when gluing, eliminating the need to tape the cover to the base, a time consuming issue.  This further increased line efficiencies and reduced theft at retail by addressing the swapping of belly bands from one more expensive gift to another less expensive gift.  The UPC code is printed on the belly band which dictates the price when scanned. This was major theft concern for Hickory and the tape on the belly band solved this problem as well.

By solving both of these issues, Hickory realized additional cost savings from past gift packsHickory Farms Sampler Gift Pack

Great Northern’s undying spirit to do what others can’t or won’t resulted in three consecutive Gold ratings and the Platinum Supplier Award. A quality product backed by superior customer service is something customers like Hickory Farms have come to expect from Great Northern.